Swim with your smartwatch!

Swim.com offers the most advanced swim apps on the market. Download the Swim.com app and get the smartwatch app for your Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Sport, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro or any Android Wear compatible watch and automatically track your swims. Or, swim with any swim compatible Garmin device.

Start Tracking Your Workouts

Track Your Swim Workouts

Pace clocks are still useful but use a swim watch to automatically capture every aspect of your swim workout. From distance swam to distance per stroke, these devices will track it all.
Swim.com and a smart swim watch make a powerful combination. Pace clocks and lap counters are great at telling you how you’re doing in your workout and swim watches can give you even more information about your swim. But how can you know whether you’re really improving workout-to-workout, week-after-week and month-to-month?

Swim.com tracks all of your swimming workouts and gives you valueable tools to show your improvement. Whether your goal is to get faster or to be more fit, it’s vital to know where you are, where you’re going and where you’ve been.

With Swim.com, you can compare your progress in variety of graphical and informational ways which allow you to stay on track to swimming success.

Become the Next Lane Leader

Clear the fog from your goggles, put on your tightest race cap, and climb the leaderboards until you are the best in your pool or club.
Ever wonder who the fastest swimmer at your local pool is or which one of your friends is really putting in the most distance this week? On Swim.com, you can compare yourself against other swimmers on our unique Leaderboards.

Leaderboards allow you to rank yourself against other swimmers on Swim.com. You can rank yourself at the pool you swim at, or in clubs that you and your friends or teammates create. You can further compare within your age group, gender and the type of swimmer you are.

Leaderboards are kept for distance and for swim time over set distances, from 50 all the way up to 1500.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking to improve, or the pro who wants to hold the top spot, Leaderboards can help. Game on!

Find a Local Pool
or Club

Need a place to swim, looking for a club to join, or perhaps you want to form your own club with your friends? The largest listing of pools and clubs is available on swim.com!
Swim.com has tens of thousands of pools and clubs around the world for you to find and swim at. Our system allows you to locate and browse pools near you, and to find the relevant information you’re looking for.

Traveling? With Swim.com, it’s easy to find the local pools which are popular amongst lap swimmers, are the right size and length and are open to the public.

Just moved? We can help you find a local club to join and swim with. Or, you can create a club for you and your friends to train and compete together.

Connect with Swimmers

Connect with your friends and teammates on swim.com, compare workouts and then give them a thumbs up for a job well done!
Swimming is an incredibly popular sport, but staring at a thin black line through several feet of water can be incredibly lonely. Whether you swim solo or with a team or club, Swim.com allows you to connect with other swimmers to share in the sport you love.

Whether you need a training buddy at a local pool or a friend to compete with, Swim.com is a great way to connect with other swimmers to share in the swimming experience.

Compare workouts with your teammates, share your first Lane Leader with a friend or congratulate other lap swimmers on a personal record. Swim.com encourages swimmers to engage and interact with each other, because together we all improve.
and track

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